“So let’s talk about fucking, all right?” Ducky Doolittle said as she stood in front of a crowd of about 200 students on Wednesday night in the SAC Auditorium.

Invited to the Stony Brook University campus for the fifth time by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Association (LGBTA), Ducky brought with her not only sex toys, but a new program titled Sex on Campus/Love U.

Ducky Doolittle is not only a sex educator and a sexual assault counselor, but both a self-proclaimed “badass” and “awesomesexual” (the only kind of people that she sleeps with are awesome).

She strutted around stage in a black mini-dress and massive stilettos, words like “cock” “twat” and “pussy” dropping multiple times in a minute.

From the beginning the audience, students of all genders and sexualities hollered, giggled, gasped and “oohed” as Ducky started off her presentation with a projected image of female genitalia. With her red dry-erase pen, she quickly identified the clitoris on the diagram and repeated several times that it is “the center of the fucking universe.”

Even though her program had a new title, it was extremely similar to her lecture, Orgasms for Everyone, the year before. Her sense of humor, accompanied by her female and male anatomy diagrams and hard science, helped to ease the awkwardness many people feel when discussing sexuality.

While pointing out the urethral track on a male anatomy diagram, she smiled and added that semen shoots out about “two feet if you give it the option.”

A new addition to her program, besides a dildo she referred to several times as her “giant purple cock,” was a text message Question and Answer session with the audience. Students were able to anonymously text in questions to a phone number and she read a few aloud, providing her insight on how gag reflexes work, along with the statistic that only about 20 percent of people “swallow.”

Throughout her lecture, her main points were very clear: bodies, whether female, male or intersex, are beautiful, everybody is different and what works for one person may not work for another, and most importantly, “what an orgasm is… is a series of involuntary muscle contractions.”

The evening ended with a raffle/quiz combo where a few lucky audience members received prizes including bondage tape, a butt plug and a luxury vibrator called a “Rabbit Habit.”

“I’ve masturbated my way to the top,” Ducky beamed, assuring the cheering audience that it was possible for them to do so as well, but she quickly added that they should also stay in school.


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