On July 7, three days after the hacktivist group calling themselves The Script Kiddies took control of the Fox News Politics Twitter account and posted fake messages claiming that President Obama had been shot and killed, the group responded to the growing coverage of their antics in an exclusive interview with Think Magazine. Below is the unedited transcript of that conversation. Our story is here.

[box_light] The Script Kiddies: Hello

TSK: Just quickly, I want to add one more thing to the article/s

Think Magazine: Hi…ok give me one second…

TSK: No harm was intended, nor ever was he in any threat whatsoever, when the tweets about President Barack Obama were posted. The SS investigation is unneeded; they should really be investigating Fox News, and their Unfair and Unbalanced news group. We were not threatening Barack Obama, only hoping to attract publicity to #antisec and ruin whatever “credibility” Fox ever had in the first place. We have no political views. We neither support nor oppose Obama, and we do understand the tweets were harsh. The attack was merely on Fox News, not on the American people, Barack Obama, or anyone. We, again, support #antisec and do not have any political heared actions. Also, we have a new twitter found at http://twitter.com/s_kiddies and hopefully, this one won’t be unrightfully suspended. That is all.

Think: Wait…has the ss been in touch with you?

TSK: Negative.

TSK: Just hoping to establish something now. The investigation is unneeded because their job is to protect Obama; he was never in harm’s way.

TSK: Fox should investigate how to protect their own security it was a complete and utter joke.

TSK: The folks at Fox are a bunch of dumb blokes

TSK: Have you spoken to the ss?

TSK: Apparently this isn’t important…gotta run. Bye.

Think: Wait

TSK: What

Think: You still there?

TSK: Yeah, has the SS contacted you?

Think: Ok…I gotta tell you…they have been in touch, yes. And they’re meeting with us tk

Think: *tomorrow.

TSK: What do they want?

Think: We are not planning on Giving them anything that could be used to find you.

TSK: Well, thank you.

Think: Can you please just hang right for a

Think: *tight for five mins?

TSK: I really must get going

TSK: Ask me whatever now

TSK: I have somewhere to be

Think: Ok…well I will tell you this: we are prepared to fight for your anonymity but they are going to subpoena my laptop if they want it

TSK: Hello? You’re going to make me late

TSK: That’s fine.

TSK: They should focus on real problems, but okay.

TSK: Again, Obama was not in danger.

TSK: Perhaps they’ve grown desperate to try and catch SOMEONE, because let’s face it, they can’t touch Anonymous or LulzSec

Think: I agree and we will publish that, but you gotta understand the position we’re in. Please be online later we’ve got stuff to discuss.

TSK: I’ll see what I can do.

TSK: Any news on the SS besides paying a visit to you?

Think: We’ll know more tomorrow when they stop by but for now we don’t have much.

TSK: It seems they opened a full-blown investigation; for what purposes I have no clue…seems to me Obama gets 30+ death threats a day. Maybe they should investiagate something else.

TSK: Like those, say, 30 threats instead of a tweet not even in the form of a threat

TSK: We wish no harm to President Obama; The Unfair and Unbalanced Fox News though, I can’t say as much for.

TSK: I better go.

TSK: Good luck tomorrow, remember protect anonymity.

Think: Yeah, but we’ll see what they say tomorrow. I’ll be online by 12:00am EST tonight for an hour. If your avail please find me

TSK: Okay

Think: Ok thanks

TSK: And one more quote if you want: Freedoms are there for a reason; freedom of speech and press. Hacking is a crime, but so is propaganda and corruption; two things Fox News loves to incorporate into its media. So let’s take a step back for once and say, hey, is one crime against the unfair and unbalanced fox as bad as what they do every single day? The tweets were to create media attention and spotlight Fox’s joke of a network. Thank you.

TSK: Please don’t forget to link the new twitter page, otherwise no one will have any way to know it’s the official and not some fan boys.

TSK: S_Kiddies

TSK: Gtg, bye bud

Think: Take care

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