I’m not going to pretend that the release of long-form birth certificate will end the birther controversy, but at least it seems to have silenced the movement’s adopted leader. Well… maybe on that issue.

Now that Trump is sure of Obama’s citizenship, he wants to know what his grades were like. Presumably as far back as high school.

It seems as though Obama’s presidency of the Harvard Law Review and tenure as a constitutional law professor isn’t enough to prove his intelligence to Trump. I guess he needs to see Obama’s long-form report card.

So why would Trump insinuate that Obama made it into an Ivy League school when he didn’t deserve it? Hate to say it, but it’s another conspiracy with racial undertones.

If Trump can’t portray Obama as the Kenyan president, then he’ll have to settle for the Affirmative Action president. On a related note, I wonder how he feels about Dubya somehow graduating from Yale.

But after a couple of months of going at Obama with almost no retaliation, Trump finally heard back from the target of his campaign. The president poked fun at his birther theory and his background on the celebrity apprentice at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

Seth Meyers, the SNL comedian chosen to headline the event, was even harsher. He went at Trump for his hair, his accent and even his beauty pageant. But it was his take on Trump’s candidacy that hit the hardest. “Donald Trump said that he was running for president as a Republican. That’s funny, because I thought he was running as a joke.”

Now, it might have looked like Trump had no sense of humor Saturday night. He barely smiled at some of the jokes directed at him while others were nodding their heads and cracking up when it was their turn. He even threw a hissy-fit on Fox the next morning.

I think Trump does have a sense of humor. He gave us the access to the insightful monologues of Gary Busey, right? But the jokes about Trump were obvious, over-the-top attacks on his character, positions, and even physical appearance. He doesn’t consider that sort of thing to be funny.

He considers it to be a run for president.

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