By Sam Aldenton 

It finally seems like nature has caught on over the last week and decided to give us some much needed sun. But, some students are starting to look at the remnants of last years frayed-to-the-point-of-indecency denim cut off short shorts and faded flip flops with no idea how to pick up where they left off last Spring. Which is why I’ve picked the top three womenswear fashion trends from all over the runways this season, that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for next to nothing.


First of all, girls, florals are dead. Florals in springtime, it’s been done, so move over sister, because fashion has found something much more sophisticated and easy to manage; nude…as in the shade. It all comes from fashion’s new minimalism trend. Beige, cream, tan, soft pink, apricot and all of those sexy pale tones that were seen late last year and at this year’s Golden Globes can be found on the cheap at somewhere like Forever 21, which at the moment has some chic A-line skirts online. Even your grandma probably has some amazing treasure in the back of her wardrobe that’s a perfect shade of apricot. Otherwise, just stick to nude accessories such as a subtle peach headband with a bow.

The next piece of advice also comes from fashion’s minimalist trend, and that is color blocking. We’re talking loud and obnoxious undiluted color on color. The minimalist aspect of this is that you must stick to primary colors and simple cuts for maximum impact.  If you were worried about being washed out by all that nude talk then fear not because color blocking is for you. The best example of this came down the runway at Jil Sander, where models stormed down the catwalk in bright bursts of orange, rich blue, pink, royal purple, coral and red.

The stand out pieces were the maxi skirts, another big hit this spring, all solid chunks of raw color styled with simple, white cotton t-shirts. This is definitely the simplest of the trends to copy straight from the runway because you can pick up these potently colored skirts in-store right now at American Apparel in short and long varieties. The emerald green long accordion-pleat skirt is a sure-fire hit; however, it’s a rip off at $85. But you could have a go at making one yourself for a fraction of the cost, and then team it with a plain white tee for that “va-va voom” effect.

Continuing with the theme of maxi skirts is the uber-feminine sheer trend. Floaty transparent skirts have been making a viral hit across the fashion blogs over the last couple of seasons and especially over the last few months. Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci and Alberta Ferretti all featured strong chiffon heavy collections and Balenciaga showed us how to wear sheer with the attitude of rock and roll vixen. Now that it’s here however, we can embrace the not exactly innocent qualities of these floaty see-through tulle, gauze and silk materials. But if the thought of a transparent skirt scares the living day lights out of you, then you can try out a sheer black button down shirt with either a camisole or for a daring evening look, a matching lace bralette underneath.

Victoria’s Secret is also pretty good spot for sheer tops, which you can find at Smith Haven Mall or even in their online store. But that definitely doesn’t mean that you can go around wearing your underwear as outerwear. This look is all about the understated allure of layering and Free also seem to have a good grasp on the right way to wear this trend.  The glimpse of a sheer blouse underneath a cropped knit sweater is much more alluring than an over-the-top tight black lace singlet.  Think Kirsten Dunst in the Virgin Diaries, not Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen.

Those denim cut-off short shorts mulling at the bottom of your wardrobe can also receive an update by mixing them up (read: make them more descent) by teaming them with either an oversized button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and just the front half tucked into your pants, or with a seriously stylish tail t-shirt. has an incredible mocha-colored shredded tail t-shirt (which means it’s short in the front and long in the back) that you can also achieve yourself through one of the numerous DIY t-shirt shredding tutorials online.

If none of this minimalism talk is your thing, then fear not, because fashion at the moment is all about trying out lots of different styles and becoming an assortment of different women.  No one trend is overpowering fashion so much that you can’t find a style to suit you and what you already have in your (too small) dorm room wardrobe. The best way to add to what you already have working in your wardrobe is to choose accessories from this seasons extensive list of trends that suits both your personal style and, of course, what gets you the most bang for your buck.

But, no matter what style or trend you choose to go for, always remember to use the season’s trends to compliment what’s already in your closet and what is flattering to your body type.


For the guys, it’s all about the accessories this spring. Or, for those guys who don’t do fashion speak, it’s the details. Details are what are going to take your everyday style and transform it into something that makes heads turn, which is easy enough to achieve with the help of a few key additions to your wardrobe. This seasons catwalk trends for the guys have mirrored the girls in a way.  No one trend is really dominating in such a way that you can’t find something that is true to the style that you love. Or, you can pick and choose from the best pieces from the preppy Tommy Hilfiger aesthetic, and mix it up with something that is a little bit more rock ‘n’ roll, like Rick Owens.

But in saying that, the overall consensus amongst fashion’s top menswear designers and stylists is that whatever you choose, it must be the right fit and tailored for you. Streamlined dressing is where it’s at right now, and with these trends you too can be as sophisticated as the ladies are this season.

First up is the Tennis Short. It’s short, it’s sharp and it lends its style credibility from those suave olive skinned Italians whipping around on their scooters in the Mediterranean sun. And also, of course, this trend is an extension of the basic American prep wardrobe. The hemlines of men’s shorts have been rising over the last few seasons, but many guys have been hesitant to pick up on the trend for fear of showing those knees that have laid dormant under loose baggier styles for too long. The ladies want to see some knee action already. But all jokes aside, this trend was best demonstrated at popular urban streetwear company, Band of Outsiders, in a decadent red, royal faded blue and olive. Marc by Marc Jacobs also enjoyed the merits of a loose fitting khaki and school boy grey tennis short, and you can pick up something similar at most skate shops or at Abercrombie & Fitch located at the Smith Haven Mall.

However if you already happen to have a pair of Bermuda shorts lying around (usually a light tan color and made from a durable cotton fabric) then just roll up the hem until it sits about two inches above the knee. This creates a similar look to the shorter tennis short without having to buy a new pair. Another option (because we’re all about options in fashion) is to take a look at the “Anthony Van Engelen AV Covina III Shorts” made by Vans, which give you the choice of wearing another popular trend – the slim fit below the knee short.  But, with the added versatility of being able to roll up the hem until it sits above the knee. At $45 that’s value for money and it comes in beach sand or black, online or at the Vans store, also at the Smith Haven Mall.


In terms of footwear for the lads, the boat shoe is making a triumphant return this spring (did it ever go away after last summer?) in a multitude of this season’s popular colors; burgundy, red and navy blue. The appropriate way to wear these is without socks.  But beware gentlemen; this is no excuse for smelly feet. If you do choose to go sans socks then make sure you don’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday, they need time to ‘breathe’ and cedar shoe trees are helpful in getting rid of the moisture in between wears.  Also sprinkle foot powder in your boat shoes before you wear them, (or the poor college students’ version is talcum powder) but I wouldn’t recommend this as it can get a bit clumpy by the end of the day. There is also an assortment of no-show loafer socks on the market. ‘Mocc Sock’ is a brand that has been getting a lot of publicity lately, and they work a treat. But before all of this, make sure you clean your feat with anti-bacterial soap. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but there is nothing worse than smelly feet.

I once had a guy come into a clothing store that I was working at, who I had recognized before and thought was pretty cute, but the second he took his navy boat shoes off (yes, they really were boat shoes), all previous thoughts of attraction flew right out the window as that stench creeping out of his shoes did. Gentlemen, you have been warned; there are no excuses. You can get boat shoes at a number of good shoe stores where they can also advise you on the best products for keeping your shoes clean.

If you do enjoy a good sock, however, then boy are you in for a treat.  Remember how details are key this season? Well, pops of color have been making waves amongst the sock-loving crowd at fashion week and this trend looks set to sail right on into spring. As a general rule, a man’s socks should always match the color of his trousers, but if you choose to rock this seasons other trend, chinos, then you should roll them up or create a nice neat cuff at the hem which you can then use to exploit the sly pop of color in an otherwise simple outfit. recommends going for a muted pastel to accentuate a good pair of leather lace-ups, but other stylish men have been seen rocking bright hues such as red underneath a pair of chic tan desert boots; another hot shoe this season.

In the end, if all of this sounds too confusing for you then just try sticking to clothing and accessories in the season’s key colors; burgundy, bright red, muted navy, camel and olive green. T-shirts, button down shirts, chinos, scarves and jeans all look great in these colors, so go ahead and have fun with it this season.


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