Mark Maloof emerged Friday far ahead of Moiz Khan in the USG elections for next year’s president.

With well over 1800 votes cast, Maloof won 60% of the vote to Khan’s 40%. Maloof’s USP party and Khan’s Student Polity shared victories down the ballot, but outgoing USG President Matt Graham, who supported the Student Polity ticket, was overheard in the USG offices saying the elections were a “disaster” for the party.

Other victors include Farjad Fazli as VP of Communications and Allen Abraham as VP of Clubs and Organizations, who both ran as Student Polity members. Debbie Machalow, who ran unopposed, is the next Executive Vice President while Deron Hill was elected VP of Student Life, both as USP candidates.

Stay with #blink_campus for the latest from the USG elections, including reactions from the candidates.

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