To start off my weekly list of 8 amazing things I feel like presenting to the world, I found 8 videos that explain the inherent differences between Liberals and Conservatives. I hope you find these educational and, more importantly, entertaining.

“Liberal Women vs. Conservative Women”
I’m particularly fond of this video. Watch for the Conservative grammar error halfway through.

“Liberal Darth Vader vs. Conservative Darth Vader”
The volume on this one isn’t too great, but I think the message gets across anyway. Star Wars fans, you’re welcome.

“Liberal vs. Conservative Mac Ad Parody”
Although I am a die hard PC person, in this instance, MAC wins.

“FoxNews Conservative vs. Progressive IQ Test”
This giggle worthy video is short, sweet and simple.

“Compare Liberal and Conservative Talk Show Hosts”

This takes a bit to get to the point, but it is such a good point.

“Liberal vs. Conservative vs. Libertarian vs. Socialist”
In the interest of balance, I feel it’s important to include a Conservative view point. I mean, a Fox News viewpoint. Which one is politically correct? Anyway, be sure to read the top rated comments below the video.

“You Might be a Political Conservative if…” & “You Might be a Political Liberal if…”
These last two videos are two sides of an argument made by the same fabulous black man, who is apparently an author because he plugs his new book multiple times in each video. I wish this guy had more views because he is dead on most of the time.

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