Stony Brook University is rolling out plans to dramatically increase the comprehensive fees that all students pay.

The university website has already been changed to reflect the proposed increases, and tomorrow representatives from the departments that rely on the comprehensive fees will be sitting down with campus media to answer questions about the changes. From the Stony Brook website:

The University proposes an increase for full-time undergraduate students by $121.00 per semester and for full-time graduate students by $104.50 per semester. This fee increase is essential to maintain the cost of existing services and expanding others. The Comprehensive Fee will be $831.50 for full-time undergraduates per semester and $576.00 for full-time graduate students per semester, effective Fall 2011.

The largest single increase is in the technology fee, which would climb $77.50 in the Fall 2011 semester if the new rates are approved, a 35% increase. Stony Brook points out that the technology fee at Stony Brook is far below the fees at the other three SUNY university centers at Albany, Buffalo and Binghamton, and below the national average.

The rest of the increases will affect the campus transportation, athletics, and infirmary fees.

Think will be at tomorrow’s meeting to discuss these increases. What questions do you want answered? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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