In an alarming message sent to all undergraduate students, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Charles Robbins warned students that the opportunity to reenroll in courses will be greatly diminished starting in the Fall 2011 semester.

It’s yet another budget-related obstacle that will have an impact on students. Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget announced earlier in the week would eliminate a further $12 million in state funding from the West Campus.

Here’s the full text of his email:

To All Undergraduate Students:

Given the dramatic and likely continuing reduction in New York State support of SUNY, Stony Brook University is reviewing all policies related to course enrollments with the goal of providing class spaces to as many students as possible. We are in particular reviewing the policy enabling students to retake courses. Students taking a fully enrolled class more than once prevent access to the class by other students. It is likely that the policy will change beginning Fall 2011 in order to reduce or in some cases prevent students from retaking courses that are on student records beginning in Spring 2011 or earlier. Thus, students should make every effort to achieve their best performance in courses during Spring 2011, as opportunities to retake courses beginning in Fall 2011 will be reduced. Summer and winter offerings are not expected to be as impacted by these changes. For further information as well as information on how to achieve your best academic performance including study techniques, time management, and other advice, please visit your academic advisor.

Students enrolled in courses required for their majors need to be particularly careful. If they are forced to retake a required course, they may find themselves shut out of it.

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