Sarah Palin’s Alaska revolutionized the nation’s political debate last week by suggesting that Todd Palin secure the borders by building a 14 foot high wooden fence across it. This week, America’s favorite maverick embarked on a deep sea fishing trip with her family to catch some halibut.

The show starts out with a look at Sarah’s morning routine, which includes catching up on east coast events and working out in Republican-logo socks. Palin then turns to her family for some vacation fun.

To help Bristol cope with her life in the tabloids, Sarah and Todd took her to the shooting range to fire at orange disks while being filmed for television. A nice break before appearing on another reality TV show, don’t you think?

She and Bristol continue their mother-daughter time catching halibut in Homer. Sarah doesn’t miss the chance to say ‘commercial’ and ‘industry’ a lot and Bristol enjoys letting out some frustration on the fish by bashing them with a club.

Throughout the show, Sarah does a lot to get the liberals like me ‘wee-wee’d up’ as she likes to say. It turns out that she had her first baby shower at a shooting range. She also smashes a few halibut, bleeds them, and holds one of their still-beating fish heart in her hand. And she never misses a chance to complain about the tabloids treating her unfairly.

The show ends with the little ones in the Palin family digging for clams and eating their spoils. They’re a tight-knit, happy family. And they’re actually normal. At least normal for Alaskans.

Those tabloids and late-night shows that dump on her so much won’t hear that message though. Just like me, they will remember (and talk about) the BEATING FISH HEART IN HER HANDS! In fact, I don’t know if I will ever be able to stop remembering it.

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