By David K. Ginn

Did you know…

In Mass Effect 1, Commander Sheppard is given many dialogue options when speaking to Fai Dan, leader of the human colony on Feros. When he explains how screwed up the colony is, Sheppard can offer a comforting paragon reaction, or an unpleasant renegade response. The renegade option is “I can evacuate you.”

If you choose this option, Commander Sheppard tells Fai Dan that the SSV Normandy is equipped to take the entire colony off of Feros and relocate them. Fai Dan will have none of it, and that’s that.

However, Mass Effect‘s writers made a critical mistake. The corresponding action to “I can evacuate you” should have looked less like this:

and more like this:

Considering it was the renegade option, and being a student of proper grammar, that is what I expected to see. I was very sad that what could have been one of the Mass Effect series’ greatest moments was nothing more than a flub.

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