USG Treasurer Matt Anderson has resigned after the senate passed articles of impeachment.

Sources within and familiar with the Undergraduate Student Government have confirmed that USG Treasurer Matt Anderson will be resigning from his position effective Thursday after the USG Senate passed articles of impeachment. His resignation allows the Senate to confirm a new Treasurer to immediately take over.

“In the last senate meeting [on Tuesday], there was a vote on the resolution to impeach, and it passed unanimously,” said a source familiar with the situation.

Earlier this evening, USG President Jasper Wilson appointed Moiz Khan, currently a USG senator, to the position. If the senate confirms him at tomorrow’s emergency meeting, he will assume the responsibilities of treasurer on Friday.

The seat change is the result of weeks of building frustration with the office of the treasurer. Several student organizations have complained that they have yet to receive any notification about their fall budget revisions in writing, and within USG itself there have been a number of financial matters that have caused controversy.

According to multiple sources who wished to remain anonymous until this process is finalized, important paperwork had been laying around for weeks, club vouchers were not being signed and processed, and student-organized events were threatened with cancellation due to unresolved financial matters within the office of the treasurer.

Perhaps most egregiously, the spring budget process, which was supposed to be adopted by the senate a month ago, has yet to be addressed, and won’t be until the start of next semester, a source within USG has said.

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