In this issue’s lead cover article, you can see that there have been numerous allegations that have surfaced after the hiring of the University’s new Director of the Cancer Center, Dr. Timothy Kinsella.

However, we are now focused on the Health Science Center itself. We don’t know what Dr. Kinsella’s future holds. In fact, that may not even be the major question in a few weeks. We’ve spoken with Dr. Kinsella. We would like to speak with him again, in the future. He has cooperated with us. The folks in HSC haven’t.

After weeks of attempting to sit down with either Dr. Fine or Dr. Strongwater, two major players of the HSC, we still haven’t gotten any sort of straight answer from them. Ms. Weber did not receive any sort of substantial response from either of the doctors, either, after sending them letters. We at The Stony Brook Press have gone through University Media Relations, hand-delivered letters of intent to the doctors, and spoken directly with their assistants and secretaries, but we still haven’t been able to get them to open up for even five minutes. We have provided them ample time for response. They have known what we are publishing, and yet still they remain quiet.

We want the HSC to talk to us about this. In fact, we don’t see the sense in the HSC not speaking out on the subject. It’s in your best interest, HSC! You need to have your say. Because, as it stands right now, you hired someone with a questionable past for an incredibly important position in our University, and we need to hear more than the simple, stock press releases you’ve sent us these past few months.

Shortly after the letters of intention were delivered to the HSC, we at The Press received an anonymous phone-call from someone working in the Health Science Center. This call informed us that the one hundred copies of Issue 5, Volume 30 of The Press, which had just been delivered, were being removed from our racks. Not only is that illegal, being theft of Undergraduate Student property, but its also rather suspicious.

Our email address is Our office phone number is 631-632-6451. We’re located in the Union building basement, room 060, if you are bold enough to come down to talk. Our editors and writers are always available. So, open up, HSC! As of this moment, we don’t think you’re hiding anything. But if you keep up this tight-lipped act, our outlook on the whole situation may change.

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