Dr. Timothy J. Kinsella was granted his license by the New York State Department of Education on December 2. However, oddly enough, the administration of our Health Science Center won’t even take the time to comment on that, even after the publication of an article detailing Dr. Kinsella’s checkered past.

It has now been over a month since we formally motioned to speak with the administrators of HSC, most notably Dean Richard Fine and Dr. Steven Strongwater, who serves as Director and CEO of the hospital. Stony Brook University’s Media Relations Department has not been able to secure a mere few minutes for us to hear HSC’s response. We’ve been told that the administrators in HSC are very busy. And, as a matter of fact, yes, we’re sure they are. However, we find it hard to believe that they couldn’t find, at most, ten minutes to respond to the allegations leveled against Dr. Kinsella.

We find it even harder to believe that they actually don’t want to respond, at all. However, it has started to seem that way. It’s almost like they are dodging all of our attempts to speak. Do we have to reiterate once again that it is in the HSC’s best interest to formulate a concrete response? If the allegations do not concern them, they should tell us. If they don’t believe the allegations, they definitely should tell us. If they do care, then they really should give us the signal that they are taking these serious allegations to heart.

It is important to note that they have not come out in defense of Dr. Kinsella, either. They have said, quite literally, absolutely nothing since the publication of the article. Due to this silence, we all can only wonder as to what they plan on saying or doing regarding these allegations. Do they really plan on saying or doing nothing at all? We hope not, but we haven’t been presented any evidence so far to suggest otherwise.

The semester is over, HSC. We don’t imagine you’ll be returning our calls over the break. That gives you a whole additional month, on top of the one you’ve already had, to formulate a response. We eagerly await one when we return in the spring.

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