With the election just a few scant days away, you’ve probably heard all there is to hear, and then some, about that Senator from Illinois and that war hero guy. In fact, if you keep reading, you’ll run into some more stuff about those two dudes (not to mention some much needed coverage for all the other candidates involved.) However, right now we’re going to take the time to talk about something else that will affect our lives come 9 o’clock on November 4, and that is the government in Albany and our lives here in the SUNY system.

We realize that the election for President is exciting and fun to follow, especially with that hip Changey McHope guy running and that lady who shoots dangerous animals on the other ticket. But it is the state elections that will affect our lives much more here at Stony Brook. Dedicated readers of The Press will know that we face serious budget cuts here at Stony Brook, and throughout the SUNY system as a whole. In mid November, SUNY will face an additional budget cut, on top of the one we have already suffered.

Look at your county and district elections. We’re sure there is at least an assembly position open, and probably a state senate seat open. For example, here in Suffolk County, a crucial State Senate election is being held. Brian Foley, a Democrat, is challenging long-standing incumbent, Cesar Trunzo, a half-hobbit, half-turtle Republican. This race could, in fact, determine which party holds the majority in the Albany Senate. Now, it’s pretty much set in stone that.

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