By Dick Delicious 


Title: Broken

Studio: Teravision/ Vivid Entertainment

Director: Dave Navarro

Cast: Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Victoria Sin, Lisa Daniels, Kayla Paige, Audrey Bitoni, Tommy Gunn, Mark Davis, Spyder Jonez, Marco Banderas

Genre(s):  All Girl, Cumshots, Group Sex, Plot, Straight, Toys

Condoms: No


With a would-be porn director at the helm, Broken film defines mediocrity and takes on the kind of experimental art flair you’d expect to see fashioned from the mind of a troubled film school graduate. With weird camera effects, intentionally grainy cinematography and the inclusion of flashing images, Broken makes me wish that I could bill Dave Navarro for wasted time, if only I had the luxury to do so.    

Sasha Grey stars in this film and the events that precede her introduction revolve almost entirely around her character. Following some strange camera sequence, Sasha comes into focus and is shown sitting in the middle of a dimly lit kitchen, crying hysterically and masturbating. As the film unfolds, things only get creepier.  

Before long, you realize that Sasha is caught up in an abusive relationship with some guy who insists on giving it to her rough and hard. It’s not surprising that their scenes involve a lot of slapping, choking and humility. During this vignette, closed- captioning litters the bottom half of the screen. Between all the grunting and moaning, what little dialogue exists is spoken entirely in English. Why then is the closed captioning in Italian for a film that’s meant to be viewed by an American audience? I simply don’t get it.

After getting tossed around, Sasha receives a facial and runs off to the bathroom. While planted on the toilet, she spits up what little cum she has left in her mouth and catches it all on the end of a spoon, proceeds to cook it up with a lighter, ties off her arm and makes for a syringe before slamming the door shut on the camera guy. While the thought of injecting semen intravenously is enough to give me nightmares for weeks, the film moves forward to include several more unsavory segments.  

Much of the movie is shot in a huge building where lots of people are fucking each other willy-nilly in a cluster of film sets. Sasha shows up promptly and, after sucking off a random cameraman, she visits each set and assists with the sex that’s already under way. From this point on the shooting skips from set to set while Dave Navarro insists on walking around shirtless.

Finally, Sasha pays a visit to the guy who did her wrong in the first scene. With a loaded shotgun in hand she wakes the guy up, orders him to take off his clothes and then watches him panic when she tells him to administer a condom on the barrel of her gun. Sasha yells at her victim to turn around so that she can presumably shove the end of her gun up his ass, when out of nowhere Dave Navarro yells, “Cut!” from the side of the set. Sasha turns the gun on him and it goes off and that’s the end of the movie.

There’s nothing really sexy or fun about Broken. The imagery presented here is almost entirely tasteless and in some cases borders on violent. Whatever sex has been presented in this flick is your straightforward, run-of-the-mill type stuff and it turns out to be pretty boring overall. There’s a little lesbian play and the inclusion of some toys but there’s nothing here to save the movie from being painfully repetitive and just plain bizarre.



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