By Dick Delicious 

Title: Big Butt Brazilian Maids

Studio: Evasive Angles


Cast: Maria, Luana, Darlene, Sabrina Ferrari, Monika

Genre(s): Anal, Big Butts, Blowjobs, Brazilian, Cumshots, Interracial

Condoms: No

When it comes to content, Big Butt Brazilian Maids is pretty straightforward. As the title suggests, you’ve got Brazilian maids with fat asses who jiggle their curvy goods and get nasty on camera and that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, this flick happens to be rich in cheesy plot setups and terrible dialogue, but the sex itself isn’t so bad.


Right away you get sucked into the chapter selection screen where five Brazilian window-cleaning hussies await you. If maids are your bag, then chances are you’ll be more then satisfied with the featured cast of starlets.  However, I will admit that when it comes to overall good looks, some of these girls could’ve been easier on the eyes.


Sabrina Ferrari is probably the hottest actress this movie has to offer and her scene is the first to be featured. In it, Sabrina is seen sweeping a patio while a horny homeowner eye humps her for five solid minutes. Before long, they start going at it while the cameraman stays focused on our starlet’s ass, which was a good move. When the scene comes to a close you realize that Sabrina’s employer actually nodded off early on and the hot sex they shared was just part of some elaborate dream he had.


Maria’s up next and she’s also quite attractive. The start of her scene finds her cleaning a bathroom at some fancy apartment complex. Before long, she begins giving each individual stall her attention before walking into one that just happens to be occupied. So here’s this guy taking a shit and it’s clear that he’s completely startled after being walked in on. During this incredibly awkward moment, he almost immediately begins cursing up a storm in some ridiculous accent and Maria exits the stall and runs away crying. Afterwards, the two meet again and what ensues is a steamy outdoor sex scene. The action here is truly palpable and for most of the scene, Maria rides the unknown man while the camera feasts on her perfect ass.


The other three scenes aren’t very good. I don’t think that they really deserve to be discussed in greater detail, but what I will say is that the three remaining women are not good looking by any means. They all appear to be significantly older ladies and this sort of thing throws everything off. Hell, Sabrina (who we met in scene one) is only 28 and Maria’s only 19 (she was the girl in scene two). On the other hand, Darlene, Luana, and Monika appear ancient in comparison and the fact that they perform to the point of exhaustion is the only thing keeping this DVD alive.


The bonus scenes were pretty good, which was a bit of a shock considering that the bulk of the movie’s content was so poor. Featured are your upcoming movie trailers and slideshows, but what generates the most excitement are the starlet bios, the behind-the-scenes and a great masturbation feature. This particular segment plays just like any other chapter, but the clips it contains aren’t taken from the featured set of scenes and they seem to stand alone. Overall, I’d say that Big Butt Brazilian Maids is worth skipping. If you dig Brazilian maids, I recommend renting this flick as opposed to buying it.




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