lupe fiasco


Lupe Fiasco spent some time being a misunderstood figure in the hip-hop community. While he was trying to portray himself as a pseudo-intellectual artist, tackling complex social issues, the genre was evolving, becoming what it is today. After his critically acclaimed sophomore album, The Cool, Lupe’s work failed to connect with the audience he was trying to reach, causing his limelight to dwindle for some time. LASERS was a project that did not match Lupe’s style of hip-hop while Food & Liquor 2 had an overwhelming number of Lupe-like ideas that failed to synchronize. However, Lupe’s latest release, Tetsuo & Youth, is an album that seems to have finally found balance between conscious hip-hop and a well-executed concept. The first track, titled Summer, is a minute and a half long instrumental.  The next track, Mural, starts with a light setup of vocals and a sample with jazz drums before Lupe…