Inventing Ourselves

State of the Union   On Jan. 27, 2017, I parked my car in the Student Health Services lot behind LaValle Stadium—usually an area you’d be hard-pressed to find parking in, now nearly completely vacant. I made my way over to the back doors of the Stu... Read More

It Doesn’t Feel Like Living

On April 27, 2016, Omid Masoumali, a 23-year-old man in a wet grey t-shirt, stood in a gravel clearing on an 8.1 square mile island. He was surrounded by people, then by jungle, then by ocean. He yelled out, throwing his arms towards the ground, his voice stra... Read More

For Whom The Door Opens

Manhattan is an infinite concrete web of streets and alleys, filled to the brim with every type of store imaginable from every area on Earth. Italian salumerias and cafès in Little Italy, herbal shops and restaurants that purvey foreign delicacies in Chinatown... Read More

The Art Of Finding Freedom

Josafat Moreno likes to go by Josco, pronounced hose-co. He has the slender build of a 17-year-old but he’s actually 46. Josco’s mustache sprawls across his upper-lip. It matches a small patch of hair under his lower lip and his neat chin-beard. His black hair... Read More

The Broke Brilliants: A College Struggle

Geuris German is a young, industrious college student who dreams of becoming a biomedical engineer, but there is a catch. His single-parent family, with an annual income of only $25,000 a year, couldn’t afford the rent on their house. They were evicted, los... Read More