Update: As promised, The Script Kiddies have released a huge cache of what the group describes as internal Walmart documents this afternoon, and have made the collection publicly available for download online.

A quick initial inspection of the release shows that most of the documents are years old memos, invoices, inventory, and similarly mundane paperwork. But included in some of the documents is personnel information, complete with phone numbers and, in several cases, social security numbers. For this reason, Think has decided to withhold links to the download page.

It’s also unclear how closely associated the documents are to the corporate offices of Walmart. Most of the documents appear to be from a Puerto Rican contractor called S&R Engineering. It wasn’t immediately clear if the company has any kind of history of working with Walmart, but the retail giant does own and operate several stores in Puerto Rico.

As Think reported earlier, the collection of documents were obtained largely by gaining access to the email accounts of Walmart executives, according to the hackers.

The data dump was first announced early Sunday morning. This is a developing story.

Earlier: Hacktivist group The Script Kiddies announced early Sunday morning that they were preparing to release a large cache of internal Walmart documents that may include social security numbers and bank account information of high-level employees at both the company and its contractors.

The documents were obtained largely through hacked email accounts allegedly associated with Walmart personnel, according to a representative from The Script Kiddies who requested to remain anonymous.

In at least one document released to Think early by The Script Kiddies, the names of employees of a possible Walmart contractor in Puerto Rico called S&R Engineering were listed next to their full social security numbers and their hourly pay rate. And The Script Kiddies say several other documents contain similar information as well.

It’s unclear whether that information will be included in the release to the public. The group was treading lightly on Sunday morning, and offered reassurances that they had no intention of harming Walmart employees.

“We…have data we’re not releasing because it would harm the individuals working at Walmart too much,” said the group.

The full release of the documents may come on Wednesday, said the group.

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