The Script Kiddies, the “hacktivist” group that made international headlines two weeks ago when they posted false reports of President Obama’s death on a hacked Fox News Twitter feed, spoke with Think Magazine on Tuesday, a day filled with hacking-related news.

In the intervening weeks since they broke into the @FoxNewsPolitics Twitter account, the group has turned its attention to other social media profiles of large corporations, most recently the Facebook page of Pfizer, which was under The Script Kiddies’ control on Tuesday evening for a few hours before it was removed by Facebook.

Today’s hack occurred despite the news earlier in the day that federal authorities arrested and raided the homes of more than a dozen suspected members of Anonymous, considered the largest and most prolific of the recent crop of cyber-activists.

The arrests didn’t faze The Script Kiddies.

“The arrests and investigations the FBI and US Government have undertaken on Anonymous are laughable,” said a representative for the group, who once again spoke on a condition of anonymity that has come to define our conversations with the group.

The representative warned that Anonymous, known for responding to attacks or perceived slights by outside entities, would respond to today’s arrests.

“The US Government should…pause and realize they are declaring war on a group who will annihilate them,” said the representative. “You don’t fight Anonymous.”

Annihilate may be an overstatement, but Anonymous has caused considerable headaches in the recent past. Consumer electronics giant Sony is still recovering from a devastating series of security breaches perpetrated by Anonymous, and the company’s stock hit an almost two year low a month ago after customers and investors began to lose confidence in the company.

The Script Kiddies representative, who says he (or she) was once associated with Anonymous, noted that while the arrests may lower a blanket of caution over the hacker community, even a dozen arrests won’t put a dent in Anonymous, which, according to the Script Kiddies, has thousands of members.

It’s certainly not slowing down The Script Kiddies. Today’s hack of Pfizer’s Facebook page was preceded by the breach of a public Facebook page for—wait for it—a piece of anti-hacking software from digital security company McAfee called Stop H*Commerce. That page has since been taken down as well.

And while the hacks have thus far been limited to social networking sites, The Script Kiddies say that’s by design.

“Main sites may be targets, but social media sites, where the most attention is given, are appealing,” they said. “And yes, there will be bigger breaches. Of who and what I cannot disclose, nor do I know at this point. But their magnitudes will be large.”

None will likely come close to matching the magnitude of the group’s first and most infamous hack of Fox News. It’s still fresh in the minds of The Script Kiddies, and made even more enjoyable to them given the recent events involving parent company News Corp, which is struggling to answer questions about the hacking they themselves engaged in.

This morning, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and son James testified before British Parliament for several hours, and pie-attacks aside, the hearings held some comedic—if not cosmic—justice for The Script Kiddies.

“My only thought on the whole Murdoch phone-hacking scandal,” said the representative, “is ‘LULZ’.”

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