By Najib Aminy

Following the women’s victory cued by the vocals of Frank Sinatra’s New York New York, the men’s team warmed up for their game against Hofstra. With over 5,000 in attendance, the final home game of the season for Stony Brook turned out to be an eventful one.

At 7:03 pm, the game commenced with Hofstra winning the face-off and traveling down the field, only to have their shot blocked by sophomore goalie Rob Camposa (Syosset, NY). As Stony Brook worked their way up the field, senior Bobby Trenkle (Commack, NY) recorded the first goal of the game with two minutes passing in the first quarter. With nine minutes remaining, Hofstra responded by scoring two goals. Stony Brook replied with a goal scored by Senior Bo Tripodi (Hauppague, NY), the conclusion of the first quarter had Hofstra holding a 4-2 lead.

Stony Brook took control of the second half with goals by Trenkle, a power play goal by senior Ryan Hughes (Port Jefferson Station, NY), and a goal by freshman Josh Eustice (Orchard Park, NY). The lead Hofstra created in the first quarter soon diminished as the score was tied late into the second quarter. With two minutes of play remaining, Hofstra’s Anthony Muscarella scored one of his six goals of the game. Nevertheless, with the efforts of freshman Kevin Crowley (New Westminster, B.C.) and a strong offense, Crowley scored with 18 seconds remaining, leaving both teams headed into the locker room with the score 6-6.

Come time for the third quarter, dusk turned into night as the game between Hofstra and Stony Brook was only heating up. Stony Brook opened up the third quarter with two goals, one scored by senior Owen Adams (Norwalk, Conn.) followed by one scored by Crowley. However, Hofstra was not hesitant to answer back, as they scored again. At the end of the third, the score was still tied, 11-11.

With the beginning of the fourth quarter, fifteen minutes would decide who would be the ultimate lacrosse powerhouse of Long Island. Unfortunately for Stony Brook and the many fans in attendance, Hofstra opted for the “run the clock” play – right out of John Madden’s video game playbook – after scoring three consecutive goals earlier in the fourth. Stony Brook fought back, cutting their three goal deficit to one with a minute and a half remaining. Despite the comeback, Hofstra held the ball like a bunch of pussies and faggishly passed the ball to each other like a bunch of sissy middle school girls until the clock ran to zero. For now, Blue and Gold are now the official colors of dick sucking.

The cowardice play by #20 ranked Hofstra tarnished Stony Brook’s win streak of three games and drew out their momentum as Stony Brook just recently lost to Albany 10-7 on April 26. Hofstra is 7-5 after the win and Stony Brook falls to 7-6 after the Albany loss. The Men’s lacrosse team will be competing for the American East Conference Championship this week on Thursday, May 2, against Albany.

The winner of that game will go on to play the winner of the Binghamton and UMBC game for the championship game. The winner of the America East Conference will receive an automatic bid into the NCAA Lacrosse Finals Championships.

Stony Brook is 3-2 in conference play and Albany is 4-1.


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