Art by Jin Ton

The recent uptick in missing children cases has only increased since October began. According to reputable sources, this may be due to the activities of invasive predators in the Suffolk County area. Experts claim these predators may have migrated north from the Virginia area. So far, we know attacks of this nature have only occurred in West Virginia beginning around 1967, and we are shocked to find maulings so far from their origin. 

While we can’t confirm the exact location or essence of this perpetrator, we can list preventative measures for you and your loved ones to take in order to avoid maulings or abductions. 

1. The creature is attracted to light.

According to reported sightings and survivor accounts, it is drawn to shiny things such as fireflies, car headlights and lamps. You can use jewelry or a flashlight to distract the creature people have dubbed the Moth Man.

 2. The Moth Man is primarily interested in sugary scents. 

We believe it is following its “moth instincts” and mistaking these sugary smells for nectar and fruit. Try to avoid floral perfumes or eating fruit outside.

 3. Make yourself look big!

The Moth Man has been believed to mistake large fuzzy dogs and children wearing puff jackets for sheep. It does not intentionally attack humans, but will when confused. It is rarely known to attack fully grown adults — larger frames are less likely to be chosen as prey.

Please prevent young children from traveling on their own on Halloween night, which experts believe would be the optimal time for another attack to occur. We at the Press hope you take caution and stay safe in the following days. Please report any findings to the Federal Association of the Uncanny Extraordinary (F.A.U.X.), stay safe and have a happy Halloween.


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