Tragedy. We are all living through hell as we succumb to this horrific event.

It is spring. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the air has a fresh, cool breeze that awakens our souls.

But on April 22, 2015 the sunshine that warmed our faces clouded. The skies turned dark and the world came to a halt; Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton’s beloved Chihuahua, passed away.

We cried. We mourned. We sat at our computers re-watching episodes of The Simple Life. That adorable little puppy with the pink collar lived a long life of 14 years, only to break our hearts into a thousand tiny pieces.

The passing of this iconic animal makes us realize that we are clearly doing something wrong. Tinkerbell was probably worth more than all of us combined–and she was a fucking dog.

But maybe Tinker Bell deserved every penny. Every time she quivered, so did our hearts. Every time she barked, our souls rejoiced. If you think about it, Tinkerbell may have been the only reason why we tolerated Hilton for as long as we did.

So here’s to you, Tinkerbell. You were the real MVP.

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