This morning, Nintendo revealed their next iconic iteration of console hardware, The Nintendo Switch.

The console is a hybrid between a handheld and home console. The reveal trailer suggests that players can leave a hub for the device in their home and travel with what seems to be a detachable screen. The screen has two controllers that work simultaneously together and can be attached or detached to the screen.

The handheld side looks similar to a Wii U gamepad.

New gameplay was snuck in for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and what looks like a new Mario game in development.

It’s important to note that Nintendo also showed off games like Skyrim Remastered and an NBA title. This could mean that Nintendo is trying to emphasize a push for more third party support.

Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 were also featured in the trailer, meaning that a couple of the bigger titles on the Wii U could be getting ports for the new hardware.

The most interesting aspect that the new console brings to the table is cartridges. In the trailer people are seen pushing tiny cartridges into the top of the device. This is a bold move by the company since 3rd party developers would theoretically have to put more money into producing cartridges alongside discs. It’ll be interesting to see how the console does over time with that issue in mind.

Not much other information was given; we have yet to find out about pricing, which will be critical in the Switch’s competition against PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not much is known about the internal components as well.

The one very important thing we do know is that the console will be coming as early as March 2017. An interesting time for a hardware release, missing the holidays.

More information is expected to come in the coming days and months. With the Video Game Awards quickly approaching, that would be the best place for Nintendo to reveal more about the hardware and its launch lineup.


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