As the second day of New York Comic Con came to a close, vampires and humans in cosplay headed over to Terminal 5. If a “nightcrawler” could survive risking a day in the sun for the con, then I suppose they could survive the Blade Rave. Thankfully “Blade” himself decided to give the bloodsuckers a break that night.

The Crystal Method had the floor of “daywalkers” dancing to Mortal Kombat mixes and took them to a different world with a psychedelic light show. Everyone grinded and moved in a hypnotic trance that was only paused when a scene of Wesley Snipes’ “Blade” took the place of the trippy images.

Floors up, the “purebloods,” or VIPs, watched the shenanigans of the lesser vampires with secret smiles and disdain. With the same pretentious poise and boring attitude, every fictionalized version of the vampire elite was brought to real life. Those below didn’t seem to care.

As the night wore on, a team of backpack-clad individuals stood at attention around the crowd. When the climax of the night hit, they sprayed the horde with “blood” — or a type of paint that is safe, non-toxic, water soluble, and non-staining, according to the organizers. The description of the blood didn’t stop every single person in the mass from being drenched.

Dripping in blood and spraying it around whenever the possible, the party danced the night away until 1 a.m. Only God knows how much havoc was wreaked by the bloodthirsty mob once they hit the streets.

Then again, Blade probably took care of it.      

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