You know how something will be going well for one company, so then all the other companies decide they should get in on it, too?

No, I’m not talking about banks ignoring the signs surrounding the collapse of the housing bubble! I’m talking about Hollywood’s obsession with 3D films.

Little known fact: showing movies in three dimensions originated in the ‘50s. It soon petered out, only to return with a vengeance in the ‘90s, gaining widespread support into the ‘00s with the release of James Cameron’s commentary on the treatment of Native Americans in the early centuries of American existence.

That film was better known as "Avatar"

Movie companies like 3D because it makes more money. Tickets are generally several dollars more than 2D, and theoretically, the film will get more viewers if it is offered in 3D.

Unfortunately for these companies, many of which are already struggling to keep people coming to the box office, I’m not the only person who believes inundating the market with 3D films was a terrible idea. Many other consumers are now suffering from what has been termed “3D fatigue.”

I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t like 3D films for 3 major reasons:

1.)    They’re too expensive.

2.)     The quality generally isn’t as good as 2D (particularly when you get into “fake 3D”).

3.)    Only tools wear sunglasses in a darkened theatre.

Case in point.

The price thing was mentioned above, but as for the quality, many movie-goers aren’t aware that there are really two kinds of 3D film. “TrueD” is shot with special equipment to create the 3D effect. “Fake 3D” is converted post-production from 2D to 3D, which gives understandably poorer results.

I think the final point is self-explanatory.

Basically, I would like to offer some advice to the movie industry. Stop. You already committed the cardinal sin of mass-producing a product that people only wanted for the novelty. Stop repeating that sin. Please, for the love of cinema, stop the madness.

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