Recently, I rewatched South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut — multiple times, to be exact — and realized what a satirical masterpiece it is. The movie is as old as me, but the core message underneath the various shits, assholes and uncle fuckers is one that still speaks to modern society: America places the blame for its problems on everyone but itself.

Lisa herself is an enigma. She is a spunky, smart, brash young girl who knows what she wants, and will not stop until she gets it. For the most part, television hadn’t seen a female character like that until Lisa Simpson made her debut. As a wide-eyed child, hell even now as an adult, Lisa Simpson is everything I want to be and more. She’s an eight-year-old swinging around a saxophone as big as she is, she’s running for class president — she’s the animated role model girls like me have looked up to for decades.