In all of 2015, about 75 pounds of clothing were thrown away per person in the United States. Several years later, that amount has only increased — the average American citizen threw away about 82 pounds of clothing during the year 2020. What many heavy consumers don’t realize is that when you throw clothes “away,” they still end up somewhere.

For the first couple of weeks of my life as a vegetarian, I was set to never taste what I assumed was the unique savory profile of beef and fish ever again. But then I saw a strange ad at my community college cafeteria asking me to try the Impossible Burger. Alongside claims of carbon footprint reduction, it had a similar promise to a later ad for their Burger King outing: “Try it and don’t see the difference.” And at least for me, I can say that the Impossible Burger did the impossible successfully — it made a beef-like burger without any beef.