Working at a supermarket leaves you with two choices: stick to yourself and be miserable or embrace the built-in community. The store might be the last place anyone wants to be, but sharing the hectic experience with each other makes it slightly more bearable. The friends I’ve made during my five years here range from my age — 20 — to 20 years my senior. Age is just a number until after work, when the older crew can be found purchasing craft beer, and I go for a diet peach Snapple.

Only a five-minute drive away from Stony Brook University’s main campus, The Jazz Loft is one of only five jazz museums in the United States. Being a club and performance hall, The Loft promotes jazz conversation through jazz productions and educational outreach. Last fall, I had the opportunity to be a marketing intern at the Loft, which opened my eyes to its deeper narratives and initiatives.