Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, who has sat at the helm of the company for 27 years, stepped down on Tuesday. Bezos’ resignation as CEO caused stock prices to stagnate as investors were cautious about the company’s future. Taking to Twitter, Bezos had this to say:

Notably, the resignation comes on the anniversary of Bezos tweeting a picture of himself and Lizzo, and while Bezos denies claims that the stock drop has anything to do with him selling off shares to fund his desire “to be with a real amazon” and “procure a DNA test to scientifically prove I am 100% her biggest fan” many remain skeptical. 

Amazon Union organizers were quiet about the decision, but given the paradoxical nature of the very term “Amazon Union,” there can only ever be an Amazon Union organizer for about three seconds. With Bezos’ new position as chair of the executive board, he told sources that it was “only a matter of time before I can get the drones to a point where we can drop a crate full of Alexas on anyone whose brain waves signal they might be enjoying themselves.” Shares quickly recovered.

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