Manny Coelho started brewing in his early 20s with his college friend Lee Kaplan, who is now the CEO of Lithology. Kaplan and Coelho experimented with all sorts of different beer during their college years, but the one they kept coming back to was the Brown Ale.

“When we were coming up with ideas to bring to Lithology, Brown Ale was on top of the list,” said Coelho. Brown Ale became one of their most popular beers, and their flagship beer alongside the Red Ale.  

Lithology takes great pride in their loyalty to the locals. The brewery has dedicated cans to the soil of New York that read Loyal To The Soil with a picture of a skeleton hand,  symbolizing “a cradle to the grave sense of loyalty, and bandana pattern, which is an ode to our responsibility to protect our turf.”

Lithology is licenced as a New York State farm brewery, which requires them to have 20% NYS ingredients in all of their products. Given Lithology’s zealous approach to the locals, the brewery has produced beer like Ready to Mingle S.M.A.S.H. with Chinook hops and other 100% New York ingredients. 

Every season, the Lithology staff comes up with at least one new drink. They’ve been eagerly preparing for this winter’s batch.

[For the] “November and December months, we’re going to be having our winter ale which has cloves, spices and the majority of squash over pumpkin,” Coelho said. “It’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas in a cup.”

While their Brown Ale remains a fan favorite, Lithology continues to try new beer styles such as porters, chai latte, chocolate stout, amber ale and a winter lager Kolsch to give the customers a wide variety. 

“We know what’s trending in the crafting world right now, but we also like to keep our little spin on it,” Coelho said.


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