As a college student on a budget, thrifting is my go-to for everyday shopping. Not only are the prices good, but you can find some really cool, unique pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. Thrifting also opens up the chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something different, and we are in the best city for it. Knickerbocker Ave. is the place to go. Here are a few of my favorite thrift shops:

  1. Urban Jungle – 118 Knickerbocker Ave.

Best for: a good pair of vintage jeans, army pants, or a good old leather jacket

For avid thrifters, this seems like an obvious place to point out. On the weekends this place is packed, and for good reason. It’s huge and has a wide variety of jeans, leather jackets, furs, t-shirts, bomber jackets, and army surplus items. The prices are pretty fair. Jeans average $10 and shirts average $8.

  1. Le Point Value Thrift – 1081 Flushing Ave.

Best for: T-shirts, accessories

This store is around the block from Urban Jungle. It’s your average thrift store. Definitely doesn’t have as many crazy finds as Urban Jungle, but there are some hidden gems. They have really cute handbags and there are some good finds in the men’s t-shirts.

  1. Beacon’s Closet – 23 Bogart St.

Best for: Sunglasses, outerwear

Beacon’s closet is definitely on the pricier side. It’s not your average thrift store in that it has a lot of well-known brands and therefore has higher prices. The prices range from a Forever 21 type price, up.

For example, I found a sweatshirt from Opening Ceremony, whose prices range from $75 to $500, for $45.

The sunglasses are on display right when you walk through the door and they’re pretty sick. Prices for sunnies are about $10.

So, if you find yourself free on a nice day this summer, definitely dedicate a couple hours or even a whole day to thrifting in Brooklyn.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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