Let me make something clear: I have the most superior taste in music, culture and everything that has ever existed. I’ve heard every piece of music that has ever been created on planet Earth (and then some. So, this new song you’ve sent to me? Ha! It has instruments, I’ve heard those before. Vocals? Way to be original, dude. Oh, it’s on a website? I remember a time before websites – and I will absolutely not let you forget that. I just don’t see the point in listening to this, there are bands that I heard ___ years ago that did this WAY better. You actually enjoy this? Ha! Pleb. content content content – the internet is making us worse. I remember a time where people actually talked to one another and went outside! No one does either of those things anymore – it’s LoSt ArT. This SoCiEtY just isn’t for me, man. I was born in the wrong generation. Guess you could say I’m rare, but that’s just how I feel.

*tips fedora*

Cynicism is boring. Jadedness equally so.


New Snacks This Week

Japanese Breakfast — ‘Essentially’

New! Music! From! Japanese! Breakfast! (finally). After two years of waiting in a state of suspended animation, Japanese Breakfast (Michelle Zauner + friends) has released a new song titled Essentially through W Hotels new music label. Essentially is the first track from Philadelphia based songwriter since the release of her 2017 album ‘Soft Sounds From Another Planet’, a collection of songs that was as hauntingly beautiful as it was memorable (check out songs like “Road Head” and “Boyish”). Suffice to say, new music from her is absolutely welcome. “Essentially” is a wobbling, oscillating track with a strong enough backbeat to make you get up out of your chair and _____. Through brightly colored synth lines and softly sung melodies, the “Essentially” ventures further into pop territory much like her song “Machinist” did from her last release. Recorded in collaboration with W Hotels new record label, the proceeds from this track will go directly to the ACLU. SO go ahead, stream away (and let’s hope for a new album soon).


Mannequin Pussy — ‘Drunk II’

About five years ago (2014 A.D), I saw a show at Death by Audio (rip) in Brooklyn. I showed up 3 (yes) hours before doors opened (I know) because I was afraid of not getting in. I didn’t know, of course, that people don’t necessarily bust down the front doors of a DIY venue for a Saturday night show. So I sat alone on the checkered tile floor until the first band started, a band I had never heard of before: Mannequin Pussy. For the 10 or 15 people that were there during their set, I can only guess that they were as blown away by the bands raw, unrelenting energy as I was. Between the seething vocals, blaring guitar work and thunderingly fast drums, mannequin pussy seemed unstoppable. Their debut album, (Gypsy Pervert, released a few days after that show) was a direct translation of that live energy to something recorded. Since then, the band has toured The United States and Europe, released an Audiotree session and even an album (2016’s ‘Romantic’). Now, the Philadelphia-based quartet celebrates their signing with Epitaph (!!!) Records with the release of Drunk II, a track that delivers on all the promises they’ve made in the past. Drunk II is a fast-paced, crunchy track that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Hum album. The interplay between the bright shimmer of the guitars and the rumbling thwack of the drums give the whole song a very wide open feel, one that feels like it would take on a life of it’s own in a live setting. With the brilliantly delivered vocals on the top, Drunk II makes Mannequin Pussy a force to be reckoned with.


Connan Mockasin / Andrew VanWyngarden — “Bad Boys”

To be familiar with Connan Mockasin is to be familiar with dreamy, lofi acoustic chill-jams that could easily be the perfect backdrop to the state in between REM cycles. The New Zealand musician’s Fall 2018’s release Jassbusters is the kinda stuff that you might play during your commute home at 4:23am. To be familiar with Andrew VanWyngarden is to be an MGMT fan. Now, in the year 2019 A.D, they’ve collaborated to produce a new track “Bad Boys”, released last last week. “Bad Boys” (created for the feature length film Self Discovery For Social Survival) might not adhere to any immediately recognizable song structure or style, but what it lacks in traditional style it makes up for in it’s psychedelic and haunting instrumentation. At just over six minutes, “Bad Boys” sounds like what a computer experiences in the milliseconds between being on while having it’s plug yanked from the wall; the fever dream of a computer in the throes of death (or is that too dramatic?). Coupling ethereal melodies, distant wispy choruses and light electronic instrumentation, “Bad Boys” stands out from anything either of these musicians have done.

Good Snacks This Week

Monday, April 29th: True Blossom, Stolen Jars, Fits, Shormey @ Baby’s All Right (21+)

Tuesday, April 30th: Summer Cannibals, Field Mouse, Desert sharks @ Alphaville (21+)

Wednesday, May 1st: Lumps, Those Far Out Arrows, Satin Shore @ Our Wicked Lady (21+)

Thursday, May 2nd: (Sandy) Alex G, Tomberlin @ House of Independents (All Ages)

Friday, May 3rd: Strange Ranger, Spirit Was, Harmony Woods @ Trans Pecos (All Ages)

Saturday, May 4th: Jerry Seinfeld @ Beacon Theatre (All Ages)

Sunday, May 5th: The Feelies @ Rough Trade (21+)

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