Checked out with a cherished box

Of Cheez-Its

You said you would save some

Just for me

But after my second

Serving was in my mitts

You said I was getting too chubby.


Boundless breakfasts bombarded by

Combs about

To brush my curls on the cusp

Of fertility

And braid so tightly

It took two to

Take them out

You said frizz was as good as sterility.


My stocking was stuffed

With your pick

Of mascaras and makeup that made a mockery of a Mac store

But after you looked

At my deep purple


You said you didn’t raise me to be a whore.


Took me to tons of terrifying

Dressing rooms to convert

And refill my recently ransacked


No longer complete

With mini skirts

You said were already included in your Amvets deposit.


Great gram gave garbage

Bags bursting with props

Consisting of sweaters from the crustaceous period

That could cover my

Size C cups

Before I cut

Them into crop tops

You said would never make me look serious.


Pre-ordered a package

Of pants

To prepare

For the first few months

Of freshman year

But I canceled them when

In my nightmare

You said you got them just to cover my rear.


I wondered when I would

Win your blessing

So I started spending

More on maxi skirts

Just to hear you

Say I’m

Finally dressing

Like I wasn’t asking for it from perverts.


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