University Police emailed Stony Brook students at 12:42 p.m. yesterday about an “unconfirmed threat” involving chalk type graffiti near the Student Activities Center.  Since then, one individual has been arrested.

The email did not specify what the graffiti said, but a concrete wall near Roth Quad had “#DeportTerrorists” written on it. There was another statement written by the Express Loop bus stop, but it was erased. It read “Kill the infidels” with a location, the SAC, the date, 4/13 and a time, 1 p.m. There was a police presence near the SAC after the graffiti was discovered.

“It’s kind of xenophobic,” Srijita Chakraborty, 22, said. Chakraborty lives off-campus and had just heard about it on her way to class. “I think using such words is a form of racism.”

A spokesperson for the university declined to comment and directed The Press to statements from the Stony Brook University Police Department.

“I can assure you, as stated in our email, there is no credible threat to our campus and no one should be hiding anywhere,” Eric Olsen, Chief of the University Police Department said.

Eric Stiller was in Jasmine with his friend when he received the email sent by Campus Safety Advisory. “It didn’t make sense to send an email,’ Stiller, 21, said. Stiller thought that an email would be more appropriate if someone was hurt. “There were not many details either,” he added.

At 7:08 p.m. another email was sent out from Campus Safety reiterating that there was no credible threat to the campus and the investigation was ongoing.


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