Welcome to Victoria, Australia. Although this glorious country is known for its koalas, kangaroos, the outback and basically every creature that could possibly kill you, there’s a lot more to it than one might expect (if you survive). This Aussie state is home to The Great Ocean Road, laid-back people in the bustling streets of the city of Melbourne who are beautiful inside and out and a culture overflowing with diversity that rivals that of NYC.

The Twelve Apostles

This collection of stacked rocks can be found right off of the Great Ocean Road. Because of erosion, there are only eight of the natural structures left for  curious tourists’ eyes to see. Although it is not officially considered a Wonder of the World, it is still regarded almost if not equally as highly.















The Dandenong Ranges

In jungle-like fashion, the Ranges are home to trees stretching as high as city buildings. The isolated location makes it easy to forget how close you are to modern civilization especially with Puffing Billy, a blast-to-the-past locomotive that travels through the ranges, as a means of transportation along with the carved wooden sculptures of the William Ricketts Sanctuary.
















In random alleyways and the on sides of buildings in Melbourne lies an organically produced sort of street art gallery showcasing artists who live both near and far. Unlike other major cities that aggressively remove graffiti on sight and look to this particular medium as a crime and nothing more, Melbourne has embraced it to its fullest potential and encourages artists to showcase their work as much as possible.


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