New York Fashion Week wrapped up a little while ago so I decided to evaluate some of the street style shots of the folks lurking outside of the latest fashion shows. In case you’re not too privy to the street style game, it’s a trend that picked up in popularity a few years ago.  Photographers snap photos of fashion insiders, celebrities and designers during Fashion Weeks but it gives you a more personal look into emerging trends.

It might sound meaningless but everything important I learned about clothes and styling came from looking at photos of people who dress so damn well they happen to break every sartorial rule known to man.  I’m personally kind of tired of writing about the pretentious “runway shows” and “the new theme of the collection.”  It gets kind of repetitive and I know my job mainly consists of keeping things fresh while writing about something as miniscule as clothing.  Fashion is steeped in a constant cycle of repetition, but true style is liberating.  Anyone can look good and you don’t need an absurd budget or to sit front row at NYFW, all you need is some inspiration.


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