As Stony Brook University’s Undergraduate Student Government elections go into runoff during the last week of classes, the clear winner from the first election is No Confidence.

In a never-before-seen spectacle of political might, No Confidence has acquired the positions of President, Vice President, Vice President of Student Life, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Clubs and Organizations and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

“No Confidence has basically taken over the USG,” said a university administrator who spoke on the terms of anonymity because he was not cleared to talk about the elections.

Former USG members explained that No Confidence swept the elections because students knew he would actually deliver the change that the other candidates promised but would never deliver.

“PARTY Party, HOUSE Party, Independents, who cares?” said another student who did not want to be named because she feared the USG’s wrath. “They all say the same thing. No Confidence was the only standout.”

During the candidates’ debate in mid-April, nearly all of them claimed that they would fix student apathy against USG elections, but No Confidence’s impressive victory proves otherwise.

Although some fear that No Confidence holds too much power, others are not really fazed by the election results.

“It’s just the USG. Nothing gets done,” said the university administrator.



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