If you’ve just gotten over Idina Menzel’s newest literal break-out song being played on repeat just about everywhere you go (seriously, I’ve heard it being sung on Japanese television and played twice in a mall in the Philippines), you’d better not let it go just yet. Disney has announced earlier this month that a sequel to everyone’s favorite 2013 smash hit Frozen is in the works. The cold and magical Elsa, the spunky and tenacious Anna and many of Arendelle’s familiar faces are sure to make a comeback in a brand new magical adventure. Who knows what’s in store for them in this new and upcoming installment? No one, really. Least of all me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few ideas of how a second movie might play out. Here are five possible sequel ideas for Frozen based on a bit of logic and a whole lot of nothing.

Frozen 2: Frozen-er

Elsa’s powers are quite considerable, having blanketed her entire hometown and even parts of the ocean in ice and snow after a spat with her little sister. The interesting thing is that this was a demonstration of her power in the summer, a season practically tailored to counteract her elemental alignment. Imagine what would happen when winter came around and Elsa was exposed to seemingly perpetual cold air and snow (especially if she lived in Manhattan). Here’s my theory: she would become more powerful. Too powerful. Powerful enough to freeze over her entire country, maybe even the continent. Or worse.

So begins the same plot! Elsa and Anna argue over who gets the last piece of chocolate or something and Elsa runs away. Only this time, fueled by the winds of winter, Elsa reaches demi-god status and encases all of Norway in a colder and eternal-er winter than she did with her hometown. Anna would have to console her sister once more, only the freezing effects of Elsa’s emotion would be much less reversible.

Frozen 2:  The Early Years

Have you ever wondered what years of confinement actually did to Anna and Elsa in their formative years? “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” may have been a serviceable montage, but it couldn’t possibly capture the true essence of the sisters’ isolation, especially with Elsa having been holed up in her room for so long. That’s where an interesting prequel might come in.

In The Early Years, we’d bear witness to potentially psychologically-innovative moments like Anna being bored in the library, or bored on a staircase, or bored in the living room. Every now and then, she would break out into a specific part of her little montage song until she catches up with the events of the first movie.

Elsa, on the other hand, would be even more interesting. Being alone with only her thoughts and ice powers after having locked herself away, scenes with Elsa could be truly heartbreaking. Audiences would stifle tears as they watched her brood in one corner, or brood in another corner, or even brood while in a chair.

It sounds a bit mature for younger audiences, but I think moviegoers could truly learn something from Anna’s and Elsa’s younger years as they would be depicted in this prequel.

Frozen 2: Burned

From what we can tell, Elsa’s magical powers over ice weren’t hereditary. Her parents, the king and queen of Arendelle, were just as clueless in dealing with Elsa’s cryokinesis as she was. They didn’t really seem to have genetically come from anywhere, so it would stand to reason that Anna wouldn’t have powers herself. But with that same logic, Anna could easily have her own abilities. If Elsa’s powers came simply from the powers that be, who’s to say that Anna wouldn’t receive her own powers in a similar way, albeit much later in her life than her sister the queen?

But what kind of powers would she have? Well, Elsa’s white hair is rather indicative of her own magic? So what about Anna’s red hair? Fire. Simple as that. To match her spontaneous and outgoing personality, Anna will become a fire-wielding princess of Arendelle in the sequel. From there, I imagine the movie would play out in the same way as its predecessor except…much…MUCH less reversible.

Frozen 2: Elsa and Santa Save Christmas

Picture, if you will, Christmas Eve night in Arendelle. Santa Claus is about to deliver presents that are waiting impatiently to be opened by giddy children the next morning. Elsa has even prepared a little snowfall to grace her city with a lovely white Christmas. But this Christmas Eve also falls on a full moon. Suddenly, Olaf—influenced by its beams of light—becomes a monstrous abominable snowman, jumps all the way to the North Pole and steals the presents for some reason (maybe accidentally landing on some elves on the way).

Santa now enlists the help of Elsa and Anna to retrieve the presents in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, they must also save their snowy friend lost in a blind rage that threatens to destroy anything and everything, even the ones he cares about the most.

Also, Idina sings “Let It Snow” or something. That’d be cute!


In a crossover movie for the ages, the cast of Frozen would not team up with the superpowered Parr family of Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles. Rather, Elsa of Arendelle would simply team up with Lucius Best—aka the cryokinetic Frozone—to save the day.

Taking place in the middle of The Incredibles where Lucius is desperately searching for his super-suit to combat an evil robot, he somehow runs into Elsa. Realizing that they both have control over ice, they work together to design a new suit using Elsa’s keen eye for making clothes out of ice and Frozone’s input on its design. Meanwhile, they’d be judged by Tim Gunn of Project Runway who would oversee their production and have the final product presented before a panel of judges. Elsa and Frozone will have to work together and overcome harrowing obstacles like Nina Garcia’s scathing remarks of “those boots” with “that protective helmet” to make sure it’s good enough for Fashion Week and also to save the city.

Make it work, Disney.

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