Tired of being with the same person for over 10 years? Fear not! Besides the fact that you can let the whole world know whether you are married or not, you now can also keep people updated about your legal marital proceedings.

You might want to lawyer-up before you announce the status of your burgeoning relationships because they finally hold legal meaning.

On April 6, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper ruled it legal for Ellanora Baidoo, 26, to shock her husband with divorce papers—dropped right into his Facebook inbox.

Baidoo was married to Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku by a civil ceremony in 2009. However, as appealing as his name sounds, he remained elusive and refused to keep in touch with his wife, because that’s what marriage does to a relationship.

“I think it’s new law and it’s necessary,” said Andrew Spinnell, Baidoo’s lawyer. Since when did Facebook become an outlet for filing legal documents? How is it okay?

Apparently, it’s okay if you and your spouse haven’t consummated a marriage just because you guys got into a squabble over traditional ceremony or the theme of the wedding, Facebook will do the dirty work for you.Who needs therapists or marriage counselors, right?

When Baidoo couldn’t force her social media loving husband to agree to get married in a traditional Ghanaian fashion in front of family members, they had a falling-out and her man walked out on her for six years without an address or employment information. Blood-Dzraku remained shrouded behind his Facebook profile pictures and occasional Farmville progress updates.

Often he would call or text his beloved, but alas, the spark of love died amongst the matrix of computer codes and the happy couple were dumped right into the pages of the morning paper. When he couldn’t be connected to a forwarding address, billing address through his phone bill or records at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Blood-Dzraku’s ingenious wife sent him a message through one of the most overused yet revolutionary social media website (thank you, Mark Zuckerberg).

“We tried everything, including hiring a private detective and nothing,” Spinnell said. Well, you didn’t call Sherlock aka Bennybatch Cumberbum, did you?

Needless to say, Baidoo is yet to see the “Seen” sign—the answer to all her prayers and the woe of all unanswered messages.

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