Spring is here. It’s time to pack away that 50-pound The North Face parka and those Timberlands boots and prepare for bright, sunny days and the abusive New York City heat. As you transition from Winter to Spring, you have to change the wardrobe up a bit.  I realize that most college students are broke after taking out financially crippling loans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to look a little more presentable. No more oversized cargo shorts and tank tops that have ironic marijuana jokes. Everything in life is expensive, especially clothes, so I curated a list of items for broke college kids.

Clarks Desert Boots ($90)

If you want to stand out in a crowd full of “bros”, you have to step your footwear game up. These are basically the cheaters guides to being fresh. Everybody loves desert boots; they’re relatively cheap, they look good on everyone, and your lady friends are going to compliment you for not dressing like a Hollister reject. Desert boots look good in basically any color, but I would recommend the Beeswax Leather or Sand Suede color options.

Uniqlo Linen Shirts ($35)

The temperature tends to shift dramatically as the seasons transition from Winter to Spring, so that means layers. Layering is actually pretty simple, but it’s just hard to do if you are picking random items from your closet. It’s important to realize that you have to try and balance different fabrics. Linen is perfect because its thin and breathable, which means you can wear it during the day and then throw on a sweater or a jacket for some late-night debauchery.

Levi’s Denim Jacket ($60)

The denim jacket is a kind of all-purpose menswear basic because it works year round for layering and they tend to fit really well. Just as a rule of thumb, try not to match your denim jacket with your jeans. The only person allowed to wear a Canadian tuxedo is Drake. I would recommend picking up the slim fit option in Stone Wash. The lighter color makes it look more casual and rugged.

Chinos ($30-50)

Almost every clothing store has a selection of chinos to choose from, but your best bet would probably be from Club Monaco or Uniqlo. Club Monaco has three fitted options. The Kennedy is a looser fit that some guys may feel more comfortable in. The Connor is available if you prefer a skinny tapered look.  If you fall somewhere right in the middle of those two options, try the Davis pants for a slim alternative. Club Monaco may not work under some student’s budgets, so try Uniqlo if you want a variety of colors and maybe  save some extra dollars.

Timex Weekender Watch ($30)

A lot of people don’t see the need for a watch, and it’s understandable with you having your phone attached to you body like an extra appendage. Why waste time strapping ancient technology to you wrists?  But Timex has a cheap option for the broke students out there that actually still care about the time. You can get the “Weekender”, which comes with a basic colored NATO strap. I would recommend the navy blue or olive green color.



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