5) Rompers. A jumpsuit-dress amalgamation.
Pro: Decreases your chance of flashing people.
Con: Bathroom trips are a struggle.

4) Muscle Tees. Tanks are the usual for any summer, but this past summer us ladies have decided that showing off only the sides of our stomachs is super cute?
Pro: You feel the breeze.
Con: You FEEL the breeze.

3) Bandeaus. To go underneath them muscle tees.
Pro: New bra.
Con: It’s not actually a bra.

2) Crop tops. This trend should is always paired with high-waisted bottoms—or should be.
Pro: Show off abs.
Con: The weird tan-lines

1) Flowers (and Fringe). In the form of a crown. Often seen paired with something fringed. Often seen at Coachella, EDC, Lollapalooza, and of course Tumblr.
Pro: Feel like Stevie Nicks for a minute.
Con: Ugh, okay soft-grunge girl.


5) Boat Shoes. Though the majority of these functional shoes never actually grace the deck of a ship, these showed up a few summers ago and are here to stay.
Pro: Better than flip flops.
Con: Douchey when worn wrong.

4) Colored and/or patterned shorts. For a fun example, google image-search “white-boy salmon shorts.” Don’t do it if you’re easily-offended.
Pro: Colors! Patterns!
Con: Total frat move.

3) Leather-strap watches. Paired with your fitted, colored shorts, a button-down with rolled-up sleeves and Sperry’s, you might as well be the face of J-Crew’s next look book.
Pro: You seem like you have your life together.
Con: Everyone will ask you what time is is when their phone’s die.

2) Light-weight button downs. Refer to #3.
Pro: Spiffy-looking.
Con: Don’t be that guy who has the buttons wrong.

1) Ray-Bans. Way-farers, Aviators, Club Masters. Honestly just needed a filler.
Pro:You have Ray-Bands, congrats!
Con: You are now $200 poorer, congrats?


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