Unless you’ve been living under a soundproof rock without Wifi, TV or access to a newspaper, you’ve probably at least heard of the book Fifty Shades of Grey. In a more recent development, the trailer for the book’s film adaptation has been released.

The book garnered a massive following worldwide, and a potential rise in rope sales, despite the work having been written in a hybrid style stuck between fanfiction writing style and decent literature. To be brutally honest, it leans more towards the language of fan fiction. The tale is of an incredibly wealthy and devastatingly handsome CEO of a prominent company, Christian Grey, who takes on a lovely recent college grad, Anastasia Steele, as his latest sexual partner, later on falling in love with her while simultaneously delving through his dark past.

The book opened the world up to the previously hush-hush world of S&M culture. It was dubbed “mommy porn” by almost every respectable news outlet doing a piece on it, which may or may not be fitting, but I suppose if “everyone plus their mother” has read it, then so be it.

The trailer itself featured Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. The soundtrack of the trailer could have stood alone to persuade potential movie-goers. The song accompanying the scenes was a sensual version of “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce, specially recorded for the trailer. One could disregard the visual teasing and just listen to the sultry song and still feel turned on to watch it. If the book, the Broadway show, the trailer or the film itself do not appeal to you, the song itself just might.

Despite the buzz surrounding the premiere of the trailer, Dornan was not the fan favorite choice for the role of the Christian Grey’s character. Some fans are still skeptical about the choice. The trailer did leave enough for the imagination to run wild, so judging him preemptively wouldn’t exactly be fair. Waiting until Valentine’s Day 2015, however, that might be just plain unbearable. Only time will tell if Dornan can reach the high expectations the book set for his role, and if the film itself will satisfy the audiences’ needs.

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