Hello, everyone. Allow myself to introduce, well, myself. The name is Chris “Shades” Oliveri – aka Shades The Socialite. But you may just call me Chris Shades, or just Shades. Oh, “Shadesman” is fine, too! I am what you would call a bit of a jack of all interests; I dance, I run, I ride the ocean waves like there’s no tomorrow, and I’m into crossfit. I can party it up, or put on my thinking cap and invoke the creative process to write stories and produce screenplays. This is, of course, my first entry in a new column for The Stony Brook Press, and you can expect anything from love advice and observations to reviews of my favorite spots and locales to random trivia. Anything goes as long as it’s legal!




Dizzying amounts of research have been conducted as to the whys, hows and whoms of attraction. I bet you’re reading this and thinking, “Yes, I too could use more action in my life!” In order to be successful at the game (and, by the way, there are NO guarantees), we must first know what it is exactly we want.


First, we must be happy with ourselves before we can be happy with a “Number 2” in our lives. This #2 can be anything from a hookup, to a friend with benefits, to a date, to a girlfriend. To find this person, there are a few simple steps you can follow.


Eat right, but don’t deprive yourself; exercise daily with both weights and cardio, and have a variety of hobbies and interests. Also, set yourself apart from the crowd with your own sense of fashion, personality and gusto (so you can be noticed, of course) – but also be able to step back and listen. If you have to TRY to attract a girl or a guy, than you’ve already lost – you’re being stage five-ish and it’s a delicate balance to avoid that turf. As a certain wise wrinkled green friend would say, “Do… or do not.”


This certainly applies to meeting anyone in life in any situation – and little aspects such as timing and context can make all the difference. If you haven’t already, it behooves you to get involved with student groups and organizations. People are more prone to be social with you there than at the library or in a lecture. And, don’t discount many off-campus spots as well.  Upon turning 21 there are many venues and spots that I guarantee will expose you to a myriad of social situations unlike what you’ve known before.

All in all, live to live. Don’t worry TOO much about attracting another, but be aware enough so you can notice when it does happen!

NEXT TIME – when The ShadesmanTM returns, expect reviews of some of the BEST spots to go to, on and off campus!

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