Her eyes rolled back as another wave of pleasure went through her body. His hand around her throat heightened the intensity her body was already enjoying. Her back arched as he took control. Her senses were highly stimulated as the loss of oxygen to her brain brought her to a high.


This bodily reaction is called erotic asphyxiation. It is also known as breath play. In absolute simple terms, it is called choking.


What motivates a person to administer choking? Psychologically on both sides of the equation, it is about control and dominance.


“It’s a bit of control,”  said John, an engineering major at Stony Brook University.  “A bit of literally taking control of the basic biological functions of another human being and at the same time they make really good faces.”


However at the end of the day, choking is a dangerous means of pleasure. It is a potential physical and emotional hazard to a person and their partner. The resident Next Generation chapter at Stony Brook University is the kink club that caters to those interested in learning more about the fetish population. The club stresses the necessity of safety if a person chooses to participate in such an activity.


The utilization of choking by a partner’s hand that is spread out is best and safest.

Nonverbal safe words for this situation work best. The number of accidental deaths by autoerotic asphyxiation or the action of choking oneself are high enough to make an advisement against it necessary to stress.


In terms of mentally, it was not advised for the sexual add on be utilized for one-time sexual partners. One-night stands are not known for aftercare and it is more necessary than not in this particular case to receive or administer it.


“Don’t do it with someone you don’t trust,” siad Dakota Winchester, student at Stony Brook University and speaker for the Next Generation chapter. “To me at least, choking is a super intimate thing because your throat is crushable and I trust you enough to have your hand around my neck.”


Above all else, consent is necessary. The blurred lines of dominance and loss of control are not excuses to do anything without both parties willingness to participate.


The numbers of people who engage in choking has drastically increased enough to consider this a real trend.


Take the present issue of choking then add in the rest of the elements of the dominant and submissive world, a highly sexual and handsome elite businessman with control issues and a modest but sexy college graduating virgin then you have the basic elements of the book Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.


As the world only has little over 11 months to mentally prepare itself for the onscreen depiction of the worldwide bestseller, press for the film has already begun. The film will either make or break the career of the still green young actress, Dakota Johnson. No matter if the film will be receive approval by critics or another piece of cinematic meat to be ripped apart, it will be a renewed excuse for more steamy excitement in the bedroom.


The door that separated the vanilla, or traditional, population to that of kinky sexual preferences has been opened wide making choking socially acceptable. It is no longer a hush and blush inducing topic not appropriate for the public eye. Choking has been eaten up by the public’s curiosity and it is here to stay.

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