Diplo and Childish Gambino are coming to town. What does that call for? Drugzzz of course. Now, the question is what is the best one to smoke, snort or ingest or the occasion. Lip Man and Ms. Token have cultivated a guide to help make that choice a little easier next time you’re ready to checkout. So, we invite you…pick your poison.

All Hail Mary:

Nothing beats the classic. Weed is always a good choice for feeling the vibe if you’re ready to stare into some trippy lights and just enjoy the music. However, this might not be the best choice for the high-energy concert we all expect because nobody wants a “downer” when they’re ready to twerk. One way to avoid the naps is to opt for edibles, you can also avoid trying to smoke in the stadium.


If weed is where you’re gonna rock, then find try the bud you’re gonna use beforehand.  Some people think the name/strain thing is a joke, but I guarantee if you have a good enough dealer on campus you can get a name. Cross-check the name with leafly.com and it’ll tell you the main effects.  You should be looking for a SATIVA for this concert, not an indica. Just ask your dealer. If he/she doesn’t know what those words mean, find a different dealer.


As avid believers in the all natural, this is the best, easiest to find choice for an organic hallucinogenic. Shroomzzz are more about feeling the music than “rolling face.” It feeds the craving for a psychedelic experience while keeping your physical being intact. In should be noted that a shroom trip will be all about the music. You’re not there to make friends. But you may be surprised where your head goes—and where you end up. Take with care, and plan to take them before you enter the venue. Drugs like this require good timing, so remember that shroomzzz takes about 30 minutes to an hour to kick in.




Are you surprised this is appearing here? If you are, you probably shouldn’t partake in this one for the show.  With its rise in popularity, MDMA/Molly/Ecstasy has become a stand-by for EDM listeners. MDMA won’t just make the music sound amazing, it will make you feel amazing. But we talk about this one a lot, so let’s move on.



Now we’re getting into the riskier drugzzz, folkzzz. If you haven’t messed around with “lesser” drugzzz yet, you probably don’t want to start here.  Although, if you feel comfortable enough with substances this may be the perfect chance to ride the white horse.  Disclaimer: neither of us have taken this drug, but effects we’ve been able to accumulate from friends who have used or online testimonials include: a fast-forward feeling, accelerated heart rate, a want to over-talk.  If you’re snorting it, the most common way to consume it, your throat and mouth will go numb, but shouldn’t impede your speech too much. Apparently it’s as if all your cares in the world disappear when you take it. Fair warning, cocaine is extremely addictive and users report it as one of the other drugzzz they’ve never felt fully satisfied on, aka you will want to do more when you’re coming down.



 Oh yeah, almost forgot about this one. Well… sure, have fun. Please don’t be an ass. Bro, nobody likes it when they get thrown up on by a dude in plastic wayfarers and a tap-out t-shirt. Why don’t you just smack me in the face with your longboard while you’re at it.


Drugzzz not to do:

  • Ketamine – Dissociative, probably will be too out of it to enjoy the music
  • Overly intense psychedelics, i.e. any of your 2C compounds or spiritual psychedelics
  • Krokodil – Just never, ok?
  • Lean – combination of promethazine with codeine, sprite, and jolly ranchers


Tips for the concert:

  • Bring sunglasses – No matter what you’re on, it’ll be nice to know that you can put a small barrier between you and everyone if you need to.
  • If you’re snorting anything, DO NOT EVER BUMP STRAIGHT FROM THE BAG. Go to the bathroom, or literally any other option.  You’ll risk taking too much too quickly, both dangerous and stupid.
  • Roll any joints or blunts pre-concert, obviously.
  • Don’t bring any paraphernalia (pipes, bowls, etc) if you can help it.  A joint you can eat when being faced with boyz, that nice hundred dollar glass piece? Not so much.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. We don’t need no fucked-up biddies tipping over in their wedges. They probably won’t allow heels on the turf anyway.

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