The Athletics Department has decided to sell the naming rights to the new arena. We at The Press had some suggestions.

10. The Susan B. Anthony Memorial Desire Dungeon and Pleasure Palace

09. Kenneth P. Lavalle Stadium

08. The Shatterdome

07. xXxwelcometoPrezStan’sBluntCave360NoScopeIPwnNewbzMissYouBiggieButFuckYouTupacNoBullshitYOLOswag420xXx

06. Tom Johnson’s Big Fucking Building That Basketball Is Sometimes Played In No Fat Chicks Hot Bitches Only

05.  The Jim Fiore Center for the Advancement of Women in Society


03. russino pls no invaderino arena

02. 9/11 was an inside job where’s the birth certificate Obama? arena

01. Mr. Sparkle’s Lucky Best Wash Arena

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