From Instagram: Models display Johnson’s designs during Fashion Week.

If there is one designer in the fashion industry who knows how to party, it’s Betsey Johnson. This blonde bombshell is a veteran designer, entrepreneur, brand creator and style icon that has been partying with and dressing the cool kids since the mid-1960s.

Johnson is known for her colorful patterns, floral prints, neon colors, tutus, sequins, animal prints and funky pendants. At the end of every fashion show, the 71-year-old does a cartwheel and falls into her signature split at the end of the runway.

For decades, Betsey has been a huge part of pop culture, notably being involved with the Andy Warhol factory scene in the 60s. But since then, she has dressed rock stars, celebrities and our local prom queens with her brilliantly colorful and sparkly gowns designed with her dance experience and retro styles in mind.

Currently residing in New York City, her company has made a huge and successful comeback after it filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Since then, the designer has updated her look by including wedding shoes in a line called “Blue,” a children’s clothing line, a new stationary collection at Michael’s craft stores and more intriguing apparel along with handbags, bathing suits and intimate-wear.

She also shows her playful side in her designs. This past New York Fashion Week, the designer sent bold colors and patterns down the runway. Created for “the rock ‘n’ roll girl in every one of us,” Betsey flaunts that she still knows how to party.

Lately, the mother and grandmother also has been taking social media by storm, updating her Twitter and Instagram pages hourly to keep her followers in the loop as to what she has up her neon-colored sleeve.

From Instagram: At 71-years-old, Johnson is still spry.

I was lucky enough to start talking to Betsey last month on Twitter and she took the time to answer some questions that fans, like me, are dying to know.


Q: What do you consider three essential items every woman should own?

BJ: 1. A great dress. 2. Heels. 3. Lipstick.

Q: In order to be a Betsey dress, what does it have to entail?

BJ: A great Betsey dress is one that has a personality and a story to tell! It should have a good stretch and make you feel wonderful!

Q: Which decade do you consider to be your favorite when it comes to fashion?

BJ: I loved the 60’s. It was a very experimental time but the 80’s rocked!

Q: How do you come up with your designs? What usually inspires you as you create?

BJ: Life inspires me! Music, NYC, films… It all comes through.

Q: What are some future plans for the Betsey brand?

BJ: A bedding line is coming soon, a kid’s line, more stationery, more dresses, more bags, more everything!



Make sure to follow her @xoBetseyJohnson to see all the products this busy diva is creating!

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