They say the creeps come out on Halloween night but it’s a lot more consistent at Stony Brook University.

Recently a young female student (me) walked through campus with her camera taking pictures for a class. Minding her own business, the 5’2” blonde took pictures inside Starbucks when a gentleman approached her.

“I see you have a camera… would you like to see my stanced and decked out car?” Confused, she followed him to his low-to-the-ground Volkswagen that was detailed with foreign leather seats from Germany. She followed him cautiously to the parking lot and figured she could use the car as a model for her photography project.

After politely declining his offer to see more of the car and spreading word that she was unavailable as a potential mate, she left him alone in the parking lot. One week later, her classmate with a camera was approached inside the SAC. The same lines from the same guy in the same exact way. creepy-guy

The accused culprit told the young women that it was very hard to find someone at SBU to “settle down with.” Keep in mind the one victim was 19 and the other 21, with boyfriends. Proposing at first sight is not the best pickup line when you lay eyes on a girl. Unless you find the lucky .5 percent, the other 99.5 percent of women are going to deny your offer to tie the knot.

But don’t look so sad because thankfully here I am to help. In my 21 years on this earth I have been the victim of “creeps” asking me out and I have seen more than a lot. As a treat for all you creepy tricksters, here is a small list on things NOT to do when finding a little lady to take out on a date. If you follow these rules, maybe you won’t end up being that creepy guy:

Don’t have a script: Like I told you before, that poor young man said the same things to those two girls. If he switched it up, maybe he would have lucked out. Instead, he said to photography students one and two, “Hey I noticed you have a camera. Come see my car.”

Give the girl some room to breathe: Don’t be down her throat. She’s not going to date you if you’re suffocating her.

Don’t unplug her earphones while she’s listening to her iPod in Starbucks to get her attention: Self-explanatory and a pet peeve of mine. If a girl is listening to her music and on her laptop, don’t bother her. She doesn’t want to talk to you. She may actually freak out on you instead. Not a very good impression.

If you want to grab a girl’s attention DO NOT hit her or tap her hard. What is wrong with you? Keep your hands to yourself. If you accidently left a bruise on her shoulder, you have problems.

If you’re looking for a girl with a camera, just don’t. They don’t want to be bothered by you and the third time will not be a charm on this one.

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