So my Dutch friend Mary Jane has been asking me how to find weed on campus and fortunately I know how to do that so I figured I’d share with all of you as well. First you’ll need to be able to identify the weed and then should you decide to do something with it, I’ll instruct you on how to proceed. If you are vigilant and have good eyes, you’ll find the best weed in no time.

Dandelions are plants that get to about a foot high and have distinctly yellow flower heads. Others can be identified by their white umbrellas that we all used to blow off into the wind. You can just pull them out of the ground to get rid of them.

Crabgrass grows annually only poorly maintained lawns. It looks like rougher grass and isn’t as pleasant to touch. To get rid of them, you can just water your lawn regularly as the typical grass will win in the end that way.

Poison Ivy
You should be extra careful when interacting with Poison Ivy. It typically has a furry vine with three leaflets. It’s probably best to use a herbicide upon it. Be careful not to touch it with your skin or to burn it. Touching it can cause a severe allergic reaction and burning the leaflets can make the oils that cause the allergic reaction become airborne and inhaled.

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